Blackout Curtains – Best Available Prices

Blackout curtains are like regular curtains with a tightly woven fabric lining to prevent light or dust particles from entering the space. The science behind using blackout curtains is simple and concise.

The curtains prevent UV rays and natural light from entering the room, creating a completely dark space. These curtains are perfect for bedrooms as they help promote good sleep. 

Usually, curtains block out 99.9% of natural light if properly hung. Additionally, they have savored all year round due to their multi-seasonal nature. Read more about the benefits of using blackout curtains discussed below.

Blackout Curtain Benefits

  • Light Regulation

Darkness is necessary for humans to sleep well. The pineal gland produces and releases the hormone melatonin in response to darkness. 

This hormone promotes body relaxation and helps people sleep well. Besides sunlight, blackout curtains can block out the lights emanating from streetlights due to their tightly woven material.

  • Noise Reduction

Noise is one of the common reasons for lack of sleep. Thankfully, blackout curtains effectively curb the noise to prevent discomfort while sleeping. The thick fabric and additional black lining dampen or reduce the noise.

  • Helps You Save Energy Bills

A home loses about 30% of its heating energy through its windows. As a result, the annual energy expenditures surge for the heating and cooling systems. Blackout curtains also manage your home’s insulation and regulate thermal loss. 









  • Offer You 100% Privacy

With their dark, opaque-lined panels, blackout curtains act as a barrier from the prying eyes of the outside world. These heavy curtains, which are frequently made of velvet, felt, or suede, completely block all outside light and offer complete privacy even during the day.

Besides the above benefits, it’s essential to consider some qualities of blackout curtains, which are discussed below.

What Qualities Should I Check Before Purchasing Blackout Curtains?

  • Fabric

The best blackout curtains are made from tightly woven materials that block light, like thick cotton or polyester. Look for a poly/cotton lining that has received an acrylic coating to improve light blocking and noise reduction ability.

  • Size

Most manufacturers offer concise guidance on measuring the blackout curtains, which are hung similarly to regular curtains. If you are doubtful about the size, measure your curtain pole’s width and add a few inches to account for some overlap.

  • Color

The idea that blackout curtains must be navy, black, or another dark color is common. If they are well-made, the fabric ensures effective light regulation. That’s how colors ensure proper curtain utility.

  • Heading

Most blackout curtains are hung using pencil pleats or eyelets, depending on the heading style. The most traditional heading is pencil pleats. 

They resemble slender pencils lined up and can hook onto a curtain pole or track. Modern eyelets are used on a curtain pole but not on a track.

That said, it’s equally important to know when and where to install blackout curtains. Let’s look at them below.

When and Where to Install Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are used practically anywhere, similar to regular curtains. However, you must remember they weigh more than conventional curtains, so use strong curtain rods and hardware.

The use of blackout curtains is justified for a few obvious reasons. For instance, blackout curtains are ideal for a media room. Any time of day could serve as a stand-in for a darkened theatre.

Wrapping Up!

Shopping for curtains, especially blackout curtains, is important to promote a good sleep experience. The best bedroom blackout drapes are heavy and completely block out natural light and ultraviolet rays.

White blackout curtains regulate light similarly to their dark counterparts. Blackout curtains come in various designs, hues, and price points.

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  • How do blackout curtains function?

Ans. These curtains are ideal for those who work night shifts and need to sleep during the day because they completely block out light. If you have a home theatre in a separate room, blackout curtains will help you recreate the theatre experience.

  • What are the advantages of using blackout curtains?

Ans. Blackouts prevent additional light from entering the room. Even in the winter, they can help to block out the glare of streetlights and even the headlights of passing cars, allowing for a restful and peaceful night’s sleep. Surprisingly, blackout curtains can also help to reduce the amount of outside noise that enters the room.

  • Can blackout curtains be used at night?

Ans. These shades can offer an additional layer of protection over blinds, which have gaps that allow light to pass through. With blackout curtains, you can sleep in near-total darkness at any time of day or night, even if you live in a light-polluted urban area.

  • Do blackout curtains completely block out light?

Ans. Blackout curtains, as the name suggests, block out all of the sun’s rays. This provides complete darkness, making these curtains ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, dark rooms, and media/theater rooms.