Here’s a Guide to Buy Linen Curtains

We all enjoy living in comfortable spaces and frequently spend our resources on creating hospitable and tranquil spaces in our homes. One of the simplest and most effective methods to give a home a lovely appearance is using curtains and drapes. 

Not only do they prevent dust accumulation, but they also help regulate light. Besides, they also provide warmth and privacy, uphold interior design, and provide good texture and color. 

This blog is our comprehensive guide to choosing linen curtains. Moving on, let’s discuss why linen drapes are so well-liked in the next section.

Why Are Linen Drapes So Well-Liked?

We all know that one of the most priceless fabrics is linen. That is a result of its many advantages, including versatility and durability. 

This material is adaptable and suitable for all purposes. Due to their adaptability, linen curtains often come in various styles, with each linen curtain created entirely from flaxseeds.

Linen is usually regarded as one of the most appealing materials. The amazing quality of the linen is that, although initially appearing to be a tough cloth, it becomes softer and more enduring with each wash.

Although the linen curtains are sober and earthy in color, the fabric accepts dye rather well, which explains the wide variety of colors available for linen curtains. For this reason, you can combine a variety of hues to find which one best complements your environment. 

The thickness of the linen curtain is just as important as the color. Since this is made by utilizing thread counts, a thicker curtain will result from a greater thread count for a thicker fabric. Therefore, the three varieties of linen curtains—light, medium, and heavy—are typically used.

Linen Curtains







Factors to Consider While Buying Linen Curtains

  • The Curtains’ Length

You wouldn’t want your curtains to gather on the floor in an untidy pile, would you? To avoid this, choose the desired height of your curtains before taking any measurements. 

For instance, the room will gain height if the curtain panel is hung over the windows. Curtains are frequently hung 6 inches above window frames by decorators to give the illusion of a taller ceiling.

Begin measuring the distance between the top of the window and the floor and the additional height the curtains will add. For a much more traditional appearance, raise your curtain height by 2-3 inches and place it slightly curled on the floor. 

Allow the curtain to close completely. Let the curtain drop directly to the floor. For a sleek, contemporary appearance

  • Think About the Weight

Consider the right weight for your curtains. A bedroom might benefit from heavier, breezier drapes that let in more light, whereas a sitting room might benefit from lighter, breezier curtains that let in plenty of light. However, this does not preclude the usage of linen curtains in bedrooms. 

It would be a great idea to pair them with blackout curtains. Blackout curtains and linen work wonderfully together to block out light at night while enhancing the space’s interior design.

  • Choose the Color

Think about how your room’s aesthetics. A bedroom might need relaxing, cozy drapes, while a sitting room might benefit from bolder, brighter, textured curtains. Additionally, keep in mind that sunshine will deteriorate linen curtains with time. 

Bright colors should be avoided in a room with lots of light as they will hasten the fading of the curtains.

  • Learn How to Clean Them

It wouldn’t be good for you if you had to pay for washing linen curtains. Therefore, buying curtains that can be hand washed at home is always a good option. 

To cut spending on cleaning, use drapes that are washed at home. Because they are dirt-repellent, linen curtains keep their attractiveness for a longer amount of time.

Why Choose Qatar Curtains?

The ideal formula for selecting the right linen curtains when choosing them is window width x 2 or 3 = curtain width. 

You can use it to create a full curtain against your window. There is no disputing that linen curtains complete the style you are striving for, but curtains are only one aspect of decorating your home space. 

You may find more possibilities in Qatar Curtains if you want to see or get inspiration to adorn your area with linen pieces.


  • Do linen curtains block out the heat?

Yes, linen curtains can insulate windows from the cold in the winter and keep a house cool in the summer by blocking out the direct sunlight.

  • How much larger than the window should your curtain be?

The finished width of your curtains should be at least twice as wide as your window, if not more, according to a popular rule for displaying drapes properly.

  • How can I determine the size of the linen curtains I need?

The total width of your window is about two to three times what is used to make curtains. That can be calculated with ease. To create the appearance of adequate fullness, double the window width by two or three after measuring it. It can be expressed mathematically as window width x 2 or 3 = curtain width.