Smart Blinds – Lowest Prices Ever

Smart blinds are some good window treatment solutions that employ built-in motors with raising or lowering capabilities based on schedules. They are also referred to as automated, smart, or automatic blinds.

Smart blinds are sometimes adjusted based on outside lighting thanks to built-in light sensors. Some smart blinds are integrated with smart home platforms like Apple HomeKit and Nest, while others are controlled with your voice using virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. 

These blinds are quite beneficial due to their automated process. Let’s discuss the practical benefits enlisted below:

Benefits Of Smart Blinds

  • Remote Control

You can operate smart blinds with a remote or a mobile application to open or close blinds without manual operation.

  •  Built-in Motor

The remote control activates the built-in motor to raise or lower the blinds with an app or your voice.

  • Built-in Light Sensor

The most sophisticated smart blinds have light sensors that let you adjust the shades based on the lighting outside. These sensors are frequently programmed to sense varying lighting conditions, such as dawn or dusk.

  • Virtual Assistant Integration

You can send voice commands to control the smart blinds through integration with the most popular virtual assistants.

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Smart Blinds

  • Energy Savings

Connecting motorized blinds to a smart home hub helps reduce the energy used by your HVAC system. It helps blinds respond independently to temperature and sunlight sensors connected to the smart hub.

  •  Security

Smart blinds enhance security by remotely controlling or setting a schedule to deceive thieves or burglars of someone’s presence inside the space. Similarly, when linked to a smart home system, the blinds are programmed to close when the occupants leave and open when they return, using geo-fencing and a smartphone.

Besides the aforementioned benefits, there are other things to consider when choosing smart blinds for your interior space. Let’s discuss them below.

Things to Consider When Choosing Smart Blinds

While there is no shortage of motorized window shades at the Qatar curtains, a few ready-to-use options are just suited for you.

Qatar curtains guide you to purchase smart blinds with curated fabric options with simple procedures. However, it’s essential to consider your needs and expectations when selecting electric window shades.

You should be aware of automatic roller shades’ functionality, the window size, and the approximate location of electric shades.

Automatic roller shades are the best option for difficult-to-reach windows and smart homes. We also have many smart blind options catered to your requirements. Let’s discuss them below.

Smart Blinds Option Available at Qatar Curtains

  • Soma Smart Shades 2

The Smart Shades 2 is now available in a second edition that is visually identical but an upgraded version of its predecessor. 

These small units attach to your wall and feed on the link chain of your blinds, replacing your hands in the equation. 

There’s no need to buy new roller shades or get a custom fit. If your blinds have a link chain, they should be ready.

  • Somfy smart blinds 

Somfy is a household name in smart blinds on both sides of the Atlantic. It sorts the mechanics to help you choose from hundreds of designs, sizes, and materials from various suppliers.

  • Ikea Fyrtur and Kadrilj smart blinds 

The motorized smart blind pair from Ikea are essentially battery-powered blinds that interact with the Ikea Home smart app and the Trdfri gateway, as well as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

  • Lutron Serena

Lutron provides off-the-shelf smart blinds that are controlled by various voice assistant services. Its website includes a tool for designing your blinds, window by window. 

It’s surprisingly simple, and you can choose any size of window, color, and roll type. Honeycomb and roller are the options to consider before making the all-important tech selection.

Why Choose Qatar Curtains?

Modern technical solutions, such as Alva IQ, have improved the blinds’ efficacy and functionality to a great extent. In other words, this is an excellent time to experiment with smart blinds to see whether or not they live upto their utility.

So if you are also planning to install Smart Blinds at your home, office e.t.c then book a free home visit today from Qatar curtains.


  • Do smart blinds save energy?

Ans. In homes with smart blinds, the daily energy consumption for heating and cooling was on average 871 watts, which is significantly less. According to the same study, people who used manual blinds daily consumed 2573 watts. so it can be said  that smart blinds Actually helps you to save the electricity.

  • What Functions Do Smart Blinds Perform?

Ans.  Smart means that you can control your blinds and shades with your voice, an app, or a schedule. For example, you could ask Alexa to smother me in darkness. In some circumstances, you can combine the thermostat with the lighting, enabling you to raise the blinds and increase the temperature with just one command (“I’m awake”).

  • What the price of a smart blind

Ans. Smart blinds range in price from $25 to $84 per square foot, including materials and labour. While all electric blinds are smart, not all smart blinds are electric blinds.