Velvet Curtains: Transform Your Home Into a Luxurious Oasis

Velvet curtains are made from fabric treated with a texturizing process and are made from silk, polyester, and cotton.

The most common velvet curtain type is the sheers. These come in different sizes and colors and filter light through windows to ensure privacy or add beauty to a room.

Another type of curtain is called an inset window panel. These are designed for windows installed on uneven surfaces like brick walls or wood siding. They are sewn into place so they do not move when someone walks by them outside the home. Additionally, they stay put even in monsoons! 

That said, it’s essential to understand how velvet curtains are made. So, let’s study it in the next section.

How are Velvet Curtains Made?

Velvet curtains are made from a cotton base, rayon, or polyester. They are then given an additional velvet layer, which is stiffened to prevent wrinkles. The final product is then cut into panels and hung in a window frame.

Velvet curtains, or velveteen, are woven fabrics with short lengths of thick yarn. The shorter lengths create a smooth surface, while the longer ones create a fluffier texture. The fabric is usually made in different colors, which adds elegance and luxury to homes and businesses.

Velvet curtains are made from cotton, linen, polyester, and silk. Additionally, some velvet curtain types are made from animal fibers enlisted below:

  • Mohair (from goats), 
  • Alpaca (from llamas), 
  • Wool (from sheep), 
  • Angora rabbit fur (from rabbits), 
  • Cashmere goat hair (from goats).
Velvet Curtains








These fibers add durability to the curtain’s fabric structure to withstand rough usage. The process begins with selecting the base fabric to determine the curtain texture after the finishing. The fibers are then woven together and cut into strips with a width between 1/2″ to 1-1/2″. 

These strips are sewn together to form wide panels hung on a loom. They undergo several steps, including cutting into pieces and dying them in different colors before being ironed flat. ‘

Let’s discuss the different types of velvet fabrics discussed below.

What Are the Different Types of Velvet Fabrics?

Here’s a list of the most common velvet fabrics:

  • Crushed Velvet

This material is made from polyester and silk with a soft, velvety texture and is commonly used for upholstery.

  • Panne Velvet

This material is made from polyester, rayon, or cotton. It has a soft texture and resembles crushed velvet but with a slightly more textured surface.

  • Embossed Velvet

Embossed velvet is made from polyester, rayon, or cotton and is slightly stiffer than crushed velvet due to its thicker pile (the “pile” refers to the thickness of the fabric).

  • Cisele

Cisele is made from polyester or wool and has excellent softness and sheen, making it ideal for drapery fabrics!

  • Plain Velvet

Plain velvet fabric is made of a single, solid yarn color. It is usually made with a cotton backing and has a soft and supple feel. This velvet type is commonly used for upholstery and clothing items such as jackets, vests, skirts, and dresses.

  • Stretch Velvet

Stretch velvet fabric is similar to plain velvet in that it’s made from a single color of yarn. The difference comes from the stretchability of each fabric. Stretch velvets have more elasticity than plain velvets, making them ideal for activewear such as leggings or yoga pants.

  • Pile-on-Pile Velvet 

Pile-on-pile velvet fabric is made from multiple colors of yarn woven into one fabric. The “pile” refers to the raised surface created by the weaving process. This velvet type is commonly used for upholstery because it’s plush and soft enough to provide comfort but still looks elegant enough for formal occasions like weddings and birthday parties!

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  • Are Velvet curtains still in demand?

Yes, velvet curtains are still in demand. In fact, they’re more popular than ever!

Velvet curtains add a layer of sophistication to any room, whether it’s an elegant dining room or a casual living room. 

  • Are Velvet Curtains easy to maintain?

Yes! Velvet curtains are easy to maintain.

Velvet curtains are made of high-quality polyester fibers, which are very durable and hold their shape well. Velvet curtains can be washed in the washing machine on a cold cycle using mild detergent, but we recommend dry cleaning them for longer life and durability.

  • Does Velvet catch dust?

Yes, velvet curtains do attract dust. However, this can be avoided by using a dry cloth to wipe the curtains down on a regular basis.