Window shades by Qatar Curtains

Window shades are the quintessential window coverings in modern homes. They are a good option for customers preferring modern curtains over traditional ones due to their contemporary aesthetic and easy functionality. 

Window shades by Qatar Curtains come in diverse options and are especially popular for areas like the bedroom. Read on to learn more about how window shades differ from other window coverings discussed in the next section.

How Do Window Shades Differ From Other Window Coverings?

Many people often confuse shades with other types of window coverings, such as curtains and blinds. However, each shade provides a distinct type of coverage with a different aesthetic and function. Curtains are fabric drapes that hang from a rod and are parted or pulled to adjust the light exposure. 

Curtains are usually made from lighter fabrics and are usually more decorative. Blinds are a type of window covering with solid slats fitted onto a ladder, where the blinds are lifted up and down with a cord. The blind slats are tilted to let the light through the space.

Lastly, shades are similar to blinds in that they are led up or down with a cord. But both differ in structure, with shades employing solid fabric or wood pieces rather than slats. That said, let’s discuss the benefits of using window shades discussed below.

What Are the Benefits of Window Shades?

  • Price

Window shades are one of the most affordable window coverings, as they are often sold individually with simple functionality. There are various price options and different styles available for everyone.

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Window Shades

  • Style 

Window shades come in many options regarding size, color, pattern, and type. Shades blend in with various interiors to impart a holistic and appealing look.

They also add a clean and uncluttered visual to the home due to their minimalism and simplicity. Moreover, shades add character to any interior through the many options in terms of pattern and function. 

  • Privacy 

Shades also ensure privacy to provide a secure living or working experience. These effective additions are barriers against prying eyes, fostering trust and reliability. Additionally, they are effective enough to provide the utmost privacy as they are made from a thicker material than curtains.

  • Light Control

Shades are great for controlling the light exposure in a room and can be pulled up or down according to your comfort. Additionally, fabric shades are not entirely opaque, meaning that even when down to reduce glare, some natural light is dispersed throughout the space.

  • Temperature

Believe it or not, shades also help maintain a steady temperature throughout the seasons. In the winter, shades can block the dispersed heat via the winters while also keeping cold air from coming inside. 

However, this does depend on the type of shade that adorns the window, as well as the color of the shade. We suggest honeycomb or plantation shades and a darker curtain keep a room warmer!

Now that we know about the benefits of using window shades let’s look at the different types of shades offered by Qatar Curtains.

What Are the Different Types of Shades Offered by Qatar Curtains?

  • Roller Shades

Roller shades are the most common window shade type due to their functionality and aesthetics. These shades operate on a pulley-type system, where the shades are rolled up or down using a cord.

  • Tie-up Shades

These shades are made from fabric hanging from a mounting board. Instead of a roller or cord system, they are lifted by hand and tied using the attached ribbons at the desired height. Tie-up shades are aesthetically pleasing in nature and add uniqueness to any setting. 

  • Roman Shades

Roman shades are made from a fabric material that pleats or folds when raised. When the shade is lifted, the cords pull the blinds upwards, forcing them to layer on themselves. Roman shades are great for easy light control, as they maintain a rigid structure when pulled up and are adjusted based on pre-set folded positions. 

Why Choose Qatar Curtains?

When looking for a shop to buy the best shades for your home, there is no need to look further than Qatar Curtains! We have an experienced, industry-leading design team with top-of-the-line design tools and materials to bring your vision of a personalized space to reality. 

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and providing quality customizations to all. We have provided interior decorating solutions and products to various customers around Dubai and are equipped with everything the customer needs to make their customization dream a reality. 

Get in touch with us through our website to explore our varied selection to buy the best window shades for all your interiors!


  • What are some good materials for shades? 

Some of the best materials for shades include metal, plastic, wood, acrylic, polyester, and vinyl!

  • Why does my home need window shades?

Window shades are great for a variety of reasons, such as controlling the sunlight, adding an element of privacy, contributing to the interior decor and overall aesthetics!

  • What should I consider when buying window shades for my home?

Some factors you should consider before buying shades are price, size, shape, material, pattern, colour, and overall style of both the curtain and the interior.